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Back to Basics

Let’s take a holistic view – strip down to the bare basics of it all.

What is the cause of Dis-Ease (or disease) and less than optimal health?

I have pondered over this question and this is what came to me.

Ok so here goes. . . . . .

If I was to strip down to the two main causes, it would have to be Number One: Stress and Number Two: The Foods we put into our bodies.

So you are probably thinking there is more to dis-ease than just these two factors. I.e. environment, genetics etc and you would be right.

However, I feel that if just these two factors are managed, it would eliminate the majority of illness and disease we experience in today’s world.

So let’s start with the number one cause, ‘stress’. Yes, it’s everywhere right? Hard to get away from these days. However, this is where it all stems from.

So what is the solution? The solution isn’t to control our external stressors (that will stress you out even more, trust me!!). But what we do have control over is how we react to our external stresses. How does one do that Shabs, I hear you ask?

Well, the solution is by taking a look at our internal world. That’s where our power lies and where we do have control. Various modalities can be used to calm and relax our inner world, whether its mediation, yoga, having fun (the most important component I believe) or just plain ol breathing. I will be exploring some of these modalities in my future posts.

What about the food we eat? The same applies for the foods we eat – Guys, I dare you, make even one upgraded choice of food today and you are that one crucial step closer to gaining more health and vitality. Don’t just survive, thrive! Another step from there and you are closer still at reaching your potential not just in your wellbeing but also in being the best version of you!

This is where all the inner work comes in.

Let’s get back to the bare basics and learn to deal with ‘stress’ and better understand how the ‘foods’ we eat impact our health and well being. I believe that giving our attention to just these two things in the first instant can have the biggest impact on improving our life.

So let’s do this funky thing – I dare you, make even one upgraded choice of food today!!

And you know the truth of the matter is, that this is all so simple and basic that we need to be reminded. I am reminding myself by writing this post.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical drugs aren’t the answer. Sure they have their place but there is a limit to how much they can do to improve our state of well being.

Lets take our health into our own hands and empower ourselves with the knowledge and tools that work for us as individuals. We are all unique with our own unique blueprints and it is up to us to find our own answers that work for us.

Whether its information or inspiration to attain better health or if you want to get away from it all and create that time and space for yourself, you are in the right place.

Let’s go on a retreat.

We all need to take time to reflect on our lives, put things into perspective so we can get back to our daily lives with strength and vigour.