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Hi guys,

So I have just gotten back from a trip to LA! Or The City of Angels.
Had a great time by the way. 🙂

This was the first time, that I hung around LA for longer than just a week – two weeks to be precise – absorbing the local culture and just chillax-ing as I like to call it.

I know some may say that two weeks is not enough to get to know LA but I can share with you what I observed in my two weeks there, which got me questioning (or gave me a cause for concern for ) my own female species.

I kept hearing that LA was The Entertainment Capital of the World, which I am sure it is. Needless to say, that was not the reason for my visit to LA.

I am attracted to the Southern Californian (SoCal) relaxed vibe, the sunshine, and meeting up with friends, which kept me more than busy and entertained.  🙂

But one thing did give me some cause for concern.

I know there are many in LA looking to make it in the entertainment industry, whether as an actor, singer, producer, writer or director etc.
Other industries exist in LA too but the main focus there is on the entertainment world.

I met some women and some much younger females striving to make it in Hollywood and a lot of them were actresses. Some were genuinely passionate about their chosen field, while others were more taken with the so called ‘fame and fortune’, which will come with being a successful actress and are willing to pay any price to get it!

What concerned me the most was the proportion of women who are in a relationship with men, and in many cases much older men, to enhance their careers.
I do not judge these women as everyone has the right to live their life how they wish. I also heard comments such as, “Well, if the woman is getting what she wants and the man is getting what he wants from the relationship, then there is nothing wrong with that.” I accept this point of view but I cannot help but question whether there is a deeper issue here that has to do with the female’s own sense of self worth and confidence to draw out the gifts she has inside.


To add to this, I don’t know if this was just plain coincidence, but the Woody Allen movie ‘Blue Jasmine’ had just been released at cinemas that week.  That’s the beauty of the states; you get to watch movies before they are released here in the UK.  My friend took me to watch ‘Blue Jasmine’ starring Cate Blanchett at the DGA.  I had no idea what the film would be about, but was surprised to find that it was almost an exact depiction of what I am writing about in this post.  It is almost as if the movie had been waiting for me to watch it as if to say, I am reinforcing what you are thinking and feeling about your experience in LA.  Without giving the film story line away, the women in the movie were constantly looking for men to provide them with that ‘perfect life’ but things turn out far from perfect.

Everything we need is already inside of us.

The only thing I would ask my own female species to consider – as I feel quite strongly about this is to really look inside yourself first and foremost before you decide to be in a relationship with a man to enhance your career or to rely on him solely to give you the good life.

Look within – don’t give your power away to anyone or anything. You can do this your way and on your terms.
Dig deeper into your true self, your motives, what it is you want and why.
It only requires self-reflection and belief in your own self-worth.
Women have changed history and so can you.