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There are many reasons why we have continually exceeded expectations since we first began in 2003. On the most fundamental level we are proud to be so much more than just another ‘travel company’.

We appreciate the simple joys in life, like sand between our toes and sunshine on our face; days filled with endless possibilities; laughter, an island flower tucked behind our ear, an afternoon nap or a massage that just melts the world away; sundowners with new friends and waking up to the chorus of birds and the smell of salt spray in the air.
In a place where family, friendship and faith all blend together under a tropical sky, where love is made visible in the most unassuming ways and where happiness is a way of life, we share Bali’s gifts by providing a very personal experience in a sumptuous setting where our guests can literally retreat from the outside world into one filled with fun, friendship, laughter and relaxation. That is why… We don’t aim to be everything to everyone

We specialise exclusively in women’s retreats that provide a positive, supportive environment where women can explore the world, learn new skills, find inner and out balance, nourish their bodies and their souls and most of all relax and have fun! That is all we do and we do it exceptionally well! We don’t believe in deprivation or having to ‘rough it’ to have a healthy transformational holiday that awakens your body, mind and spirit.