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DETOX KOH SAMUI EXCLUSIVE WELLNESS RETREATS – IT TASTE GOOD TO FEEL GOOD! Most people have no idea how good their body and mind is supposed to feel. When we realize that only band-aides are of no use. It is time to get serious about detoxification and how to achieve proper regeneration of every cell in the body, bone and connective tissues, organs and glands, brain and nerve cells. Most of our diseases are in some part self-inflicted. On top of that we are constantly subconsciously influenced by dietary advice that keeps us ill. What is most important needs to be avoided and what is not that important gets priority. If you’ve found yourself confused, you’re not alone. So let us start a new journey with renewed clarity. As naturopaths we do not cure diseases we change the body’s chemistry.

Our programs rank amongst the worlds most ancient and effective health therapies, both effective as a natural healing therapy for specific ailments and a general preventive against disease and degeneration of the organism. The body has a sewer system to handle the waste from a trillion of cells its called your lymph system and it filters cellular waste through the kidneys where it is eliminated. If the kidneys clog up your sewer system backs up, backed up acids in the lymph causes pain and inflammation, acids destroy joints, bones, skin, arteries, organs etc… and acids burn and deteriorate the cells & tissues of your body, causing inflammation to persist, from acne to arthritis, tumors to cancer.

A Fruit Detox is the most powerful and most simple healing approach in the world. Its beauty and effectiveness lie in its simplicity. Tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind, lost and rediscovered. It will not only renew your body and mind, but also your heart soul and social life.

For those who do not have the budget or time to join our retreats can join our wellness bodyguard online detox fasting programs or book a detox specialist consultation to get you started.