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Juice Fasting at Shangrila

Detox Pai is a complete cleansing and holistic health program based on juice fasting offered at the Shangrila. We are located in the idyllic Pai Valley, just outside of the village in the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Our program is designed to bring you back to true health, by ridding the body of harmful toxins and stagnant energy and bringing the mind to clarity and peace. The focus is on juice fasting and appropriate eating habits; knowing and loving oneself; relaxing and becoming still for a time; identifying and letting go of self-destructive thoughts and habits; and returning to a state of physical vitality, good health and mental harmony. This majestic natural setting, as well as the supportive and loving environment at Shangrila, is an ideal place to do this.

We offer a natural physical cleansing program using the finest herbal supplements, cold-pressed organic juices, clean and pure water and regular colonic irrigation. We combine this deep, highly effective physical purification with meditation designed to identify energy blockages throughout the body, to open up those blockages and to remove stagnant energy.