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Juice fast or healthy eating holiday? Jiva Healing’s juice fasts are a great way to detox the body and rest the mind. You will drink fruit and vegetablejuices as well as mineral broths and take herbs, barley grass and psyllium husk to support your body through the cleansing process. You’ll also be encouraged to have twice­daily enemas, which you conduct yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom. Don’t be anxious if you’re never fasted before –you’ll receive all the personal attention and guidance you need from a small, personable team. You can see a short film Jiva Healing made in Turkey here:

If you want something a little less hardcore, go for one of their Healthy Eating holidays, on which you’ll eat a light, delicious vegan diet and take part in daily cooking and yoga classes. The popular, Creative Cooking, Conscious Eating and Yoga, is offered several times a year in the UK.