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Karuna Detox Retreats (5 star venue), Devon UK one week program is a deep physical detox Pioneering UK Detox centre, we are experts in our field leading over 1000 people on fasts since year 2000. Many other UK detox centres have sprung from ours. Our expert fasting and colonic program ensures your detoxification is suitable, cellular and that the toxins released get safely flushed away.

Our program weaves together mind-body and spirit detoxification and nourishment with Juice fasting, Colonic Irrigation, Yoga, Meditation and Nutritional essentials. You will even learn hand on how to make tasty raw meals and treats before you leave. For optimum health detoxing twice a year is recommended, allowing your body time and space to heal itself and maintain it’s inner balance.

BEST FOR: wellbeing, weight loss, fertility, regular maintenance, reducing stress, preparing for special occasions or for surgery. More than just a body detox, Karuna Detox offers a space to ‘come home’ to yourself and regain clarity and inspiration in life through meditation, yoga and practices of loving- kindness to yourself. Reducing stress and negative thinking, return home lighter emotionally and physically!