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Our expertise is to deliver an extraordinary and personal spa experience that guests wish to return to again and again. We do this via our experience in all spa disciplines working with the best specialists in the spa arena. We ensure the concept is clear, targeted and genuine. If guests feel that the concept is gimmicky, it simply won’t appeal.

Working within our brands or white labelling, Resense continually remains focussed on creating and delivering the spa that works for the particular target market, whether that be an all-encompassing spa, a destination spa, Ayurveda spa, soft or hard medical, Thai, Thalasso, Nordic, TCM or any other discipline the client may require.

The fact that Resense is not exclusively affiliated with any single product company illustrates well our commitment to deliver individualised rather than a standardised experience. We will introduce the appropriate product houses that work for the particular target market, or create a unique offer for the spa or spa brand involved.

Resense’s scope when creating a spa concept encompasses not only spa treatments but overall wellness including spa food & beverage, fitness, beauty, membership, spa retail, soft medical and all elements that a spa can offer, depending of course on the need of each individual property.