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Drawing on the ancient traditions and tropical spa rituals of the East, Shanti-Som Holistic & Wellbeing Retreat in Spain takes centuries of eastern wisdom and uses these teachings to counterbalance the stress of modern life and the tell-tale signs that it leaves behind.

A unique place in Europe where you regain your energy and your balance through yoga, meditation and personal support to complete your journey. We also offer a variety of therapies, combining the best of Eastern and Western wisdom.

Although there is a full Yoga, Detox and Weight Loss programme that addresses our guests’ physical needs, a further aim of Shanti-Som is to allow you time for personal reflection, self understanding and your ongoing personal development through our holistic approach. We offer lifestyle solutions that will leave guests renewed and re-inspired.

Our aim in Shanti Som is to reward, encourage and educate, but never judge you.

We proactively work with business organisations with corporate social responsibility programmes to facilitate, participate and endorse their initiatives.

Shanti-Som has made a commitment to the environment and ecological sustainability.