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Trinity Wellness Juice Retreats offers a variety of opportunities for rejuvenation and healing which include:

•Juice and Raw Foods Cleanse – eat delicious gourmet raw foods with 3 days of vegetable juice fasting mid week. This gives your body an excellent opportunity to detoxify, rejuvenate, and heal.
•Cleansing and detoxification – encompassing physical, emotional and mental levels through raw foods, juice fasting, herbs, gentle exercise, mental and emotional detox, prayer, and relaxation to help detoxify all organs, strengthen the immune system, restore vitality, and heal the soul.
•Gentle exercise offers a great class of breathing and movement.
•Learning how to eat – to facilitate healing and cleansing of the body while still enjoying your food.
•Educational classes teach about raw foods, juicing, wheatgrass juice, green smoothies, herbal teas, sprouting, wild foods, water, movement, breathing, balancing the emotional and mental state, restorative sleep, and creating a healing, non-toxic environment at home along with Fr. John’s popular classes “Who Am I; What Is My Purpose” and “Heart Happiness; De-Stressing, and Heart Intelligence.”