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I never quite understood. Why are people in the western or developed world dying due to the over consumption of food or obesity related diseases? On the other hand we have about 21,000 people die EVERY DAY of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. Women and young children are most affected.

This is a clear sign of the inequality and injustice that exists in our world today and frankly is unacceptable. There is enough food globally to feed everyone without having this imbalance.

If we listen closely to our hearts, we know something is fundamentally not right here. Humanity collectively needs to come together and take action to correct this imbalance. WE CAN DO IT. In our own way, each one of us can make the impact needed to eradicate or severely minimise world hunger and at least in our life time.

It is our human duty to not tolerate such suffering to continue for another human being.

Has humanity become so desensitised to this atrocity as merely a fact of life when it need not be? The truth is we all suffer in the end when another human is suffering.

Many of us don’t have to see the suffering caused by extreme hunger in our everyday lives, but this does not mean ‘out of sight out of mind’. Let’s not forget that hunger also exists amongst us in the developed world, just look at any big city and the number of homeless scouring for food. Far less visible is hunger that may exist in a household a few houses next to ours but we may not even be aware of. This makes hunger a global problem with varying levels of extremity and visibility.

We have come far technologically, socially and economically; but basic needs such as having enough food are not being met. Instead of pouring the world’s resources into wars or other unnecessary expenditure, we can make more beneficial use of our money. Let’s not use politicians, officials or other external factors as excuses any more. The truth is we have the power although we are constantly and mistakenly reminded otherwise especially by authority figures.
Or maybe we are taught to think, we can’t do anything about world hunger and so we don’t even try.

world hunger hands

But there is a deeper underlying problem here and we are all being affected, even those of us who have enough food. The suffering continues albeit in a different way. Take the example of unfair wages or how many of us are in jobs just to survive and make ends meet. We were not put on this planet to struggle every day for our basic right for food and shelter. Our time is better expended using our gifts to put the world’s resources to optimal use for the benefit of all. We would all be so much happier and the world a more peaceful place and who knows what further accomplishments and advancements would be made as a collective.

Let’s wake up and become aware by educating and informing ourselves of what is truly going on in the world because we are all being impacted. Whether its climate change, the failing economic system or criminal wars. Take nothing at face value because we are being lied to by corporations and governments. We are intelligent, have the skills and resources to generate genius solutions to change the flawed system that is no longer serving us. If only for the sake of our children, future generations and the survival of our planet.
“We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.”Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States.

“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.”John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.